360° breast accessibility

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - Breast biopsy

Stereo, Tomo or Combined Biopsy


SMARTFINDER is the high-precision automatic breast biopsy digital device for Giotto CLASS, it allows examinations performed with Tomo-guided or Stereotactic technique with patient in upright position or, in combination with the FLEXITABLE biopsy table, also in prone position.


GIOTTO CLASS can be transformed into a dedicated unit for biopsies with the patient in a prone or upright position. You will have a one-of-a-kind instrument for successfully resolving all of your imaging demands.


The conversion to prone unit is quick and easy and it is easy for the patient to get on the biopsy table using the step.
Thanks to the four wheels, the biopsy table can be quickly positioned and the breast centered ready to start the biopsy procedure.



The prone position gives you complete confidence in achieving the best biopsy results with the highest degree of comfort for the patient.

The operator has maximum accessibility to the breast and wide work space in the operating area.


Stereo or Tomo Breast Biopsy in prone or upright position


  • Interchangeable guides for compatibility with all types of biopsy drivers
  • Remote control with 5.7” touch-screen display where you control all the parameters
  • Total weight of the biopsy kit is less than 3.5 kg


360° biopsy access with lateral and cranial caudal approaches, same accessibility to the breast whether in the upright or the prone position.