Prof. V. Lattanzio & Dr. A. Guerrieri

Reference Centre of the Region of Puglia. SARIS - BARI


Statement issued in February 2013: “For years, the SARIS team has maintained a direct link with IMS, with fruitful and agile interaction and constant attention to the feedback of Customers/Users and their suggestions.

The working synergy between the IMS technical staff and engineers and expert breast radiologists is instrumental to the constant evolution of products and enables IMS to achieve performances and results "on the road" which rightly place this all-Italian brand among the best manufacturers on an international level.

Giotto Tomosynthesis confirms the ability to promptly intuit new fields of research and certainly constitutes a new technological challenge.

The newly arrived Raffaello 2.0 software enables a better, faster visualization of the images and data of interest and can open the way to further implementations in the clinical utilization of this new method.