Giotto Testimonials


Prof. M. Bazzocchi - Giotto Tomo user Univesity of Udine Italy


I’m Massimo Bazzocchi, a professor of radiology at the University of Udine and I direct the radiology department of the city hospital.

One of my main fields of study is the Breast Care. For this reason we tried to acquire a unit featuring tomosynthesis.

Today tomosynthesis represents a recent, but already strongly consolidated reality...


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Prof. V. Lattanzio & Dr. A. Guerrieri: Reference Centre of the Region of Puglia. SARIS - BARI

Giotto Tomo users since January 2013

For years, the SARIS team has maintained a direct link with IMS, with fruitful and agile interaction..."


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Dr. L. Rotenberg: Clinique Hartmann. PARIS

Giotto Tomo users since August 2012

IMS is to date the only European manufacturer that has succeeded in placing a mammography unit..."


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Dr. G. Saguatti - Giotto Tomo user Bellaria Hospital Bologna Italy


Within the framework of a partnership this breast imaging department has had for several years with the company IMS, which supplied us with the digital mammography units we are still using, we have had the opportunity also to equip ourselves with a tomosynthesis instrument, a mammography unit which represents an extraordinary technological leap...


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A.Taibi, Phd Univesity of Ferrara specialist in the physics of breast x-ray imaging


I'm a medical physicist at the University of Ferrara with about 20 years of experience in the physics of breast x-ray imaging. Some years ago I started a fruitful co-operation with the IMS company first for the optimization of the imaging chain in digital mammography and then I was involved in this exciting project called Digital Breast Tomosynthesis...


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